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Unlocking the Potential: Harnessing the Power of Change

Updated: Jan 1

If life is perfect, it could be that money is not a problem, there is no stress, work is a breeze, family life is wonderful, relaxation comes easily and plentifully, exercise and diet is just how it needs to be, relationships are fabulous, and we are cruising along with life just so, why would we need to change ?

We wouldn't. Or would we? Research shows that change is good for us. It can lead us to self-discovery, stimulate our brains and engage us in activities that increase our potential.

The reality of life is that it will never be perfect, nor would we expect it to be. However, often there are things that we would love to do to make life just a little happier, easier, less stressful, more meaningful and satisfying. Maybe it is a seemingly simple change, like wanting to be healthier, have more time to do the things we love, save for a well earned holiday, learn how to be more self sufficient, avoid health issues from a poor lifestyle, study for a job change, lose body fat for healthier outcomes, prepare for a new phase in life.

As we develop through life, our aspirations change, our paths alter course, we grow up, our needs become different, life-changing events happen, we become suddenly alone, we become financially strained/independent, we lose our job/health/loved-one or we just feel the need to make life better while we still can.

Our brains are hard-wired to avoid change, to maintain the status quo and to do what we have always done. It is a method of preservation that has served us well for millions of years. Also we have been conditioned early in life to accept what life has given us and make the best of it. Nothing wrong with that and many a parent will be heard to encourage their child to do just that. We do however, have options, we can make choices, we are capable of making decision that can change life for the better. it doesn't have to be anything hugely dramatic and in fact even small changes can have a huge effect on our well-being and life satisfaction. Those around us that we love may not even be aware of what we feel we need to achieve and perhaps will not notice . We are all independent beings that have autonomy over our decisions and lifestyle.

At Maxwell Coaching we encourage autonomy and independence whilst also considering how those changes may impact others and the effect it might have. No-one wants to cause harm or suffering by making changes, but if those changes positively impact ourselves and those we love, by making us more alive, satisfied, empowered and in-tune with life it can have knock-on benefits all around us.

Change is not easy and we need commitment to undertake it, but even the first step has hugely satisfying effects that then make more change possible and so on, as we become empowered to believe in our ability to reach our goals it becomes easier to continue on the course we have set ourselves on.

Having resilience and good social connections helps us to grow and adapt, verbalising our commitment and using positive self-talk are powerful tools to re-wiring our brains and learning a new set of skills.

Maxwell coaching is your partner in change. We are the catalyst that can make the difference between imagination and success. We are on your team, encouraging and supporting you to achieve your goals.

Take the first step, get in touch with us and find out how we can help.


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