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Are you the CEO of your life ?

Decision making comes to us early in our lives, and if we look back over our own life there will be moments of decision making that make us cringe and others where we know that it was just right and we have positively benefitted from that decision. So many decisions are made on a daily, hourly and minute by minute basis, from “shall I have toast or muesli for breakfast?” to “which job offer should I accept?”  Much of this is undertaken subconsciously while our brains are busy with other tasks and generally that works well for us.

Sometimes we just go along with the status quo because it is easy and non-confrontational, decisions are made for us by default or by design. Within the big picture this is often not a problem. However, we should be autonomous where life decisions can impact us long term as long as those decisions do not harm others.

Imagine sitting in a large Corporate Office, in a soft leather chair with a wooden desk and a view over the cityscape, the soft burble of phones in the background, the hushed footsteps of co-workers on the deep, soft carpets. You are the CEO and you get to make the big decisions, having gathered all the information you require and acknowledged the effect it will have on those you care about. It is a huge responsibility.

Life can be likened to this and we are the CEO of our own lives. What would we do if we were in control of our own life decisions? So many factors are not within our control but some are and the internal dialogue is often there in the background telling us we cannot do something, we are not worthy, we are too old/young, not thin enough, not fit enough etc.  Our brains are hard-wired to accept life as it is, but we do have the power to make changes, overcome obstacles, find our inner voice that tells us “ we are good enough” and to empower us to become our own CEO.

Life and health coaching can help you to find the positive inner voice and the resourcefulness that we all have. Coaching will ask questions that you never thought to ask yourself. You already know the answers, it can be finding those answers that needs a little help.  


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