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Defining Coaching

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Coaching is an alliance between two or more people in which one person finds ways to enable and empower the other(s) to perform at higher levels. Coaching occurs when a person with a need or want has a desire to meet a certain outcomes and seeks out assistance with a coach who can guide them in meeting that outcome.

Coaching helps to convert an experience into a learning process. It takes acquired knowledge of a person and assists them in applying that knowledge.

Coaching is a method and process that helps others meet outcomes by identifying pathways ahead and to make safe choices.

A way to help others to tap into the resourcefulness and able mindedness they already have.

An opportunity to acknowledge and encourage others to discover useful ways of being.

Coaching focuses on building strengths, the correct applications of skills and behaviours and achieving results.

Maxwell Coaching is here to help you achieve your full potential. It just takes one step forward..... get in touch.


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