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Everyday happiness hacks

Is it possible that there could be a way to increase overall happiness and life satisfaction from just a few little mental exercises practiced on a daily basis. ?

The University of Bristol UK conducted a ten week “Science of happiness” course amongst students , who were shown a series of happiness hacks that had been scientifically studied to show improvements in mood and outlook on life.

Some of these hacks were:

  1. To make a point of being kind to others and expressing gratitude to those whom have been kind to you.

  2. Keeping a diary of their feelings to protect them from dwelling on negative thoughts , allowing them to process any negativity and to record their positive feelings from being kind to others.

  3. Trying simple meditation and taking regular exercise, which can lower rates of anxiety and depression.

  4. Talking to strangers, even if we normally avoid such encounters can have the opposite effect of the unrealistic expectations that we might get from too much social media .

Those who practiced the above techniques reported marked improvements in well-being and by diverting attention away from themselves, helping others and more social interactions, their sense of happiness and mental health was boosted.

Of course it is important to practice these techniques on a regular basis, and the overall benefits of improved mood and outlook on life can be maintained long term, just like physical health that comes from exercise. Our mental health can be improved by these simple methods  and can provide enough to boost to the brain reward centre  to receive immediate and ongoing benefit.



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