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How to have a healthy relationship with food.

Do you ?

A large number of people, especially women report regular cravings for  certain types of food and feelings of guilt when eating this “ forbidden”  food or fighting the urge to eat it at all.  This can lead to a strained relationship with food which can in turn encourage the excessive consumption of certain foods.

Many women associate eating chocolate cake with celebration and therefore have more successful weight maintenance , while those who associate it with guilt are likely to encounter problems such as less successful weight control/ feelings of loss of control /unhealthy eating behaviours/ greater body shape dissatisfaction/ reduced quality of life.

A key in reversing the negative effects of food cravings is to stop making it taboo. You don’t have to feel guilty about craving any type of food whatever it is and labelling a food as off-limits usually results in increased cravings for that food and feelings of guilt when eating it.

Instead, try making terms with your relationship with food, savour it and enjoy if with purpose and intention without the guilt. Be mindful of what you are eating and  allow yourself a set portion of that particular food and concentrate on eating it slowly, savouring the smell taste and texture, rather than just sitting down with a bar of chocolate or a bag of lollies  and eat them mindlessly while watching tv. It is also helpful to plan meals around celebrations or special meals, so that you can factor this into you meal plans and enjoy special food while skipping the odd meal or treat at some other time.

This way you can enjoy the food in moderation, look forward to it, savour it and avoid the feelings of avoidance and then guilt after bingeing.

A healthy relationship with food is good for your mind and body, after all food is nurturing, can be protective and pleasurable. This way you can create a balanced relationship with food and it can have a significantly positive impact on your overall health.

At Maxwell coaching ,we have tools that we employ to help clients to have a health relationship with food and to avoid the feelings of guilt with certain foods.

Talk to us about how we can help you.


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