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Just Imagine

You have won the lottery..... your choice of car, make, model, colour, right off the showroom floor. Ford Mustang, Tesla, Audi, Fiat Bambina, whatever you want.

You would be stoked and probably take great care of it, grooming the bodywork, gently easing in the motor, using the correct fuel, regular servicing, oil, filter , tyres etc. With the correct care, it will last the distance, take you hundreds of kilometres and think of the enjoyment you will get from driving in and seeing it parked in the driveway .

Think of you body in the same way. After you have learned to drive it, have done a bit of mileage and the engine has reached its potential, you may realise that you need to pay more attention to maintenance. The correct fuel (good choice of diet), care for the bodywork (skin care and muscle toning), having a mix of city driving and long distance to keep the motor in top condition (a mix of strength training, cardio and regular walking). Imagine that you will never get a new car (or body) again and this one has to see you to the end of the road. The reality of that may inject you with new respect for the care it needs and the desire to do what you can to keep it running optimally.

Sure you can take you car to the mechanic or yourself to the doctor when something goes wrong but the time spent fixing it is reduced if you spend the time on maintenance. Your body has a long road to travel, good genetic background helps (chose your parents carefully) and the correct fuel and responsible usage, it could with with you for eighty years or more.

So, if you drive erratically and stress the engine it is like binge drinking, and smoking .

If you use a low grade fuel it is like eating junk food and consuming fizzy drinks.

Leaving the car in the garage 24/7 and never doing any maintenance is similar to being a couch potato

Towing an overweight trailer with a small engine is like carrying to much body weight, placing stress on the heart , lungs and joints.

A good maintenance routine for optimum performance for the body includes eating a broad range of foods as close to their original as possible eg: whole grains, pulses, beans, raw or minimally cooked vegetables with lots of different colours, whole fruits, real meat, soy and drinking plenty of water, tea without sugar. Take the body for plenty of exercise, whatever you like that gets you moving frequently, reducing stress factors, getting enough good quality sleep and engaging socially.

These are the factors that can keep bodies functioning well for the long haul.

If you need help with finding a good balance for long term health, talk to us at Maxwell Coaching. we can help you find the right maintenance programme.


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