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Risky behaviour

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

What are the risk of being attacked by a shark. Being struck by lightning ? Falling under a bus? Not great.

What are your chances of getting a chronic disease that stops you from enjoying life and spending your later years doing what you have always wanted to do ? Far greater.

Not being able to watch your children grow up ? Live a full and independent life in your own home for as long as you wish to ?

By the year 2050, more people will die from Dementia than from Cancer, a large portion of the over 60’s will have Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and will be suffering from the consequences of such.

What is the common denominator? Diet and exercise. Could it be so easy that just by changing your diet and taking more exercise you could potentially avoid these crippling diseases and the chronic sickness that afflicts so much of our society ?

The answer is "yes." You can start by reducing alcohol consumption, taking moderate exercise, reducing refined carbohydrates ( especially white sugar, flour, pasta and rice), increasing your consumption of unrefined whole foods, vegetables and healthy fats. This will start you on the right track and you can then start to see and feel the difference which will encourage further dietary changes for the better.

Just a few little tweaks can make a huge difference and you can change the odds ratio in your favour. Small changes can have the biggest impact , starting slow and gradually building on those changes is often the way to sustained improvements in lifestyle .

We can help you to make these changes, turn the table on chronic health conditions and choose to reduce the risks.

A recent study out of the USA showed that for women over 50, a sustained weight loss of as litttle at 2kg could reduce their risk of breast cancer by a huge 13 % and a loss of 9kg by 25 % . See the link below to read the article.


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