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Health coaching for reducing stress

Stress. How do we see it? Tearing our hair out over a pressing time schedule? Road rage in a traffic jam? Pressures of family life? Money issues? Credit-card debt?

This are how we see stress on a daily basis, but it is so much more than that. Stress is what is going on internally and how it is damaging our bodies in a silent and destructive way. A little bit of stress can help us to get things done and focus our minds, but ongoing stress is really bad for us.

Stress creates inflammation in the body. Inflammation is destructive to the tissues and causes a reaction that increases our risk of chronic diseases.

In the big picture, we should all try to reduce our stressors as much as possible. Easier said than done.

The power of saying “NO” at the right time is of great value.

What if our stress is causing us to suffer mentally or physically? Maybe we have been offered medication and these are effective and useful. However, there are also many tools that can help us to get through the tough times and help us to cope with stress or anxiety. Some of these tools might be learning how to walk away from stress to avoid confrontational feelings, deep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques such as yoga or even just a walk in the fresh air. No music, no podcasts, no texting just listening to the sound of nature and really finding inner calmness in doing nothing but just being.

Maxwell Health coaching can help you to find the inner quietness that can help reduce stress and guide you through the tough times.


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