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The silent fire that becomes an inferno.

The germs that live in, on and around us are unseen and ever present. There is a very fine balance between good and bad bacteria which can easily get upset and cause disease. We cannot and would not want to live without these bacteria as they are beneficial as well as detrimental, we need them as much as they need us.

Our mouth is the beginning of a very long tube that includes our stomach, intestines, colon and rectum, if stretched out it would cover a huge surface area and is lined with sticky mucous where the bacteria live and interact with food that we ingest. There is a never ending conversation between the microbes in the gut and our body and this conversation has a huge control over how well our body functions on a day to day basis. What we eat and drink determines how easy it is for our body to maintain a balance between good and bad bacteria and the more we bombard it with food items that we are not biologically adapted to, the easier it is for the balance to get upset and for foreign particles to leak through the gut walls and into the blood stream. This leakage causes a cascade of inflammation rather like pouring petrol on a fire and the imbalance becomes more and more pronounced as the body is fuelled by food items that it cannot handle, such as highly processed foods, transfats, chemically produced sugar substitutes, flavour enhancers, preservatives, E numbers etc . Over time this internal fire then becomes a raging inferno that floods the body with immune cells and causes high risk of cancer, heart disease, dementia, obesity, type 2 Diabetes and more.

The fire can be gradually quenched by restoring the balance and over time the body will return to an equilibrium. However, if the fire of chronic inflammation has been burning for many years it becomes hard to douse.

The best way to smother the fire is by eating non processed foods, avoiding excess salt, sugar and additives that are not biologically suited to humans. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, legumes, whole grains and high fibre foods are the best way to reduce the fire and allow the gut to stop the leakage and restore itself. The body is remarkably capable of healing itself but only under the right conditions and if it is nurtured.


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