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"Unlocking the Secrets to Living a Satisfactory Life: Understanding and Achieving Your Goals"

Life without any goals can be like wandering aimlessly in the dark, not knowing where you are or where you want to go.

To be effective in life, we need a clear picture of the important aspects of life that we value. Our efforts and abilities need to reap maximum rewards to enhance our quality of life.

We often might say " one day I am going to..." but we never do and make excuses for why we can't.

Successful people from all walks of life believe in themselves and formulate aa plan to achieve success. Success breeds success and lead us on to fulfilment. There are so many reasons for setting goals.

We want a purpose in life.

We need to know where we are heading

Achieving goals helps to remind us of our usefulness

To helps us to achieve balance in life and cope with changes.

Maybe you have never set goals or learnt how to. Maybe you tried and failed or lack the confidence to give it a go . We might be too busy trying to please others or have unrealistic goals.

Goals need to be SMART

Specific : look at what you really want and go for it.

Measurable : how will you know that you have achieved your goal

Achievable : within the bounds of possibility

Realistic : knowing that you can achieve it if you really want it.

Time-bound : when you will achieve it by

It may be that we are seeking adventure, want to live an alternative lifestyle, change careers, save for a holiday/house/retirement, or want to maintain a meaningful relationship.

In order to set goals,it is useful have small steps toward a bigger goal :

Prepare to achieve and visualise what it will look like.

Look at the possibilities and options.

Evaluate what you can do

Make a plan of attack and set commitment

Implement the changes needed.

Track progress and re-evaluate ( your goals may change as time moves on)

Remember to have flexibility, allow for some risk-taking, accept the challenges, have confidence in yourself, and be prepared for set-backs.


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