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Why you don't want to use a daily mouthwash.

If you are a believer in the power of advertising, you can be conned into thinking that using a certain face cream will stop you getting wrinkles in old age, spraying a certain perfume will attract the ideal life partner, the sun will always shine when you go to a tropical island and so on.

The amount of money that is involved in big business makes the use of advertising big business also and massive research goes into making adverts that we really believe are true . We buy into whatever they are selling because it will make us thinner/prettier/smarter/cooler/richer etc. The list goes on. We would all love to believe that what we buy will actually fulfil its advertising promises. However, are they actually lying to us? Probably not. Most large companies will have data that shows the their products work and the advertising standards authority is there to keep things above board.

It is how you read those adverts or at least read between the lines that the truth is to be found.

For example, if you are cutting up chicken on the kitchen bench or chopping board, you are mindful that raw chicken is contaminated with plenty of bacteria that can make you very sick if you do not clean up your work surface carefully. Therefore, you want an antibacterial cleaning agent that will kill all the germs that have landed on your work surface, knives and hands. Chances are that this cleaning agent will be advertised as killing 99.9% of germs on your kitchen bench. Great ! That is just what you want .

Many readily available mouthwashes will advertise the same . Kills 99.9% of bacteria in the mouth. This is really BAD news.

Why ? Because a large proportion of those bacteria are important for your health. They are not detrimental and are vital for the fine balance of good and bad bacteria in your mouth and whole gut system. The symbiosis (balance of good and bad bacteria) is a finely tuned system. The bacteria in the mouth help to break down food, many are protective and stop really nasty bacteria from getting a foothold. If you use a mouthwash that kills 99.9 % of the oral bacteria, you are opening the door to really bad bacteria, which will invade and take over from the good bacteria. If this is happening in your mouth, it is also influencing the rest of the gut system, right the way through from one end to the other.

Upsetting the bacteria in the gut, as I have mentioned in previous articles can have a huge influence on how our body processes food, what it absorbs into the blood stream, can lead to leaky gut, inflammation, depression, anxiety, allergies and many other health issues.

So, allowing the normal oral bacteria to flourish is really important and unless you have been prescribed a mouthwash for a particular problem, such as oral surgery, tooth extraction, or high decay rate, it is better left alone or better stil, left on the supermarket shelf.

Many people use a mouthwash because they think they have bad breath. This cannot be treated with a mouthwash alone, it is just a way of hiding the problem. It would be better to have a problem with bad breath looked at by your dental professional and find the cause of the problem. Very often it is a build up of soft plaque and hard deposits of tartar which harbours living and dead bacteria which is at the cause of the problem and having your teeth professionally cleaned may well sort it out.

Occasionally the bacteria that live at the back of the tongue, further back than you can see, are responsible for bad breath . These bacteria put out gasses called volatile sulphur compounds and these can be treated with a short course of Blis K-12 throat guard, which is a probiotic tablet to introduce "good" bacteria and alter the balance.

So, if you have a bottle of mouthwash at the back of your bathroom cupboard, you probably won't use it to clean the kitchen bench, but maybe tip it down the drain for a fresh smelling sink.


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