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What do we do at

Maxwell Coaching?

We help you to get unstuck, find your choices for happiness and wellbeing. Our toolbox is ready to help you with life challenges and we are ready to listen and be your guide. 

Maxwell Coaching is a confidential health and life coaching service that takes a holistic approach to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

We empower, support, encourage and motivate you towards your best life. 


Sometimes we need a helping hand to get back on track. Our internal saboteur is holding us back from achieving our full potential. We feel overwhelmed and just need a sounding board for our hopes and dreams.

Coaching helps you to find the answers to questions you didn’t know to ask yourself . You already have the answers you need but it can be finding those answers that is challenging. If you commit to making positive changes, coaching is the catalyst between dreams of personal development and reality.


At some time in our lives many of us feel that life is out of control, we are tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Our eating, exercise, sleep habits and stresses get overlooked and we run the risk of chronic health conditions that can shorten our lives or lead us to having years in care. 


It may be that you want weight loss, which gets harder each time you try, to reverse type 2 Diabetes,  reduce your risks of cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia.  The most common diseases can be helped by lifestyle, exercise and eating habits. 

A Health Coach can guide you through the process of 'lifestyle medicine' and help you to find resources to achieve an optimum lifestyle, on your terms.


Health coaching is not about telling you what to do or how to do it but empowering you to have the confidence to believe in yourself by motivating and encouraging you on the path to wellness.


A life coach can help you in different areas of your life and because everyone is different, so too are their goals. 


A coach will believe in you, support, motivate and encourage you to take back your life, guide you through the steps towards your goals and help you to believe in yourself.

If life's challenges are getting on top of your day to day feelings, you want to make changes and need help to find your equilibrium, we have tools to help you find your way.


Your internal dialogue may be sabotaging your dreams and aspirations. Coaching can help you to turn this around, believe in yourself, set goals and achieve success.


Personal development on any level can enhance your life in so many ways, procrastination can be put aside and by accepting change as a positive element, the possibilities are endless. 

'Feel empowered, take the first step and turn your life around.

You only have one, let's make it the best!'

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