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Meet Our Coach - Mollie

Mollie (aka Melanie) has lived and worked in Marlborough for most of her life. She has 30 years of professional experience, is a mentor in her field and is a PreKure certified health coach and has a Diploma in life coaching. 

She believes in taking a holistic approach to coaching focusing on self development and positivity of change. She is ready to help you through the difficult times and set you on the path to a more resilient, empowered and confident you. 


With Mollie's guidance, you'll learn how to overcome obstacles, build confidence, and create a life that's true to your values and aspirations.

Approach to Coaching

Mollie’s focus for health and life coaching is to inspire her clients to look to the future, imagine the life they want and to grasp it with both hands. Life challenges do not define who we are but how we respond can either move us forward or hold us dwelling on the past.


Coaching is driven by results and a positive mindset can empower us to achieve our goals no matter how large or small.


By focusing on achievable steps towards our goals whatever they may be. By following the urge to realise our dreams, the commitment to making positive change and the desire to achieve our potential, we can live our lives well.

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'If you can imagine it, you can do it.'

Scott E (pilot) 

Mollie is always incredibly friendly and inspires strong confidence in her abilities. She delivers her advice in a professional manner and is a pleasure to work with.

Annie B

I have been interested in going to a life coach after a few significant changes in my life. I felt that with Mollie I would be in a safe pair of hands. I was, and I found the consultation really valuable. Mollie was warm and professional. I came away feeling positive and with some goals in place that I probably wouldn't have got to on my own. I am looking forward to my next session to check in on my progress and get some more ideas to go with the wee gems I got in my first session,


Mel helped me to achieve my career goals. She gave me the confidence and direction to achieve my dreams and as a result I grew personally and professionally. I am very fortunate to have Mels support as she really wanted me to succeed. I highly recommend her as a life coach. 
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